SMK Group Chairman and the University of the Fraser Valley, Mark Everett sign a MOU for joint research in progress for functional crops

SMK Group “SMK Group will become a company that contributes Korean-Canadian Society”.

Photo Description: SMK Group (CRM) Chairman (right) and the University of the Fraser Valley, Mark Everett.

This company has gained considerable attention from farming markets in the Greater Vancouver Area as the company produces functional organisms and showcases the various farming industries such as goat milk, yogurt production which has successfully infused vigor into the downhill trend of the Korean immigration economy.

Mr. KJ Kim at the SMK Group introduced this company. “The SMK Group, a Canadian investment company with over 10 years of experience, will start a new business that aims at exporting to Southeastern Asia by utilizing natural agricultural resources. The SMK Group has plans to deploy diversified businesses that are well-organized to develop and deliver the functional agricultural & livestock products such as herbal medicine, plants and animals as well as to commercialize these products. These new businesses will infuse vigor into a downturned Korean immigration economy”.

The SMK Group has already signed an MOU in November of last year to conduct a joint research project with the Fraser Valley University (University of the Fraser Valley) on functional crops.

“The mountain goat milk that was developed jointly by the Rural Development Administration and Chungbuk National University in South Korea has healing properties targeted at diabetes and it also is extremely nutritious and contains more proteins as compared to regular milk which speeds up the digestion process. Additionally, those who are lactose intolerant can drink it without worrying. SMK will export enhanced Goat Milk to Southeastern Asian markets by removing the burnt and fishy smell” Mr. Kim explained.

Finally, Mr. Kim said, “I have been living in Canada for 43 years. I am homesick for Korea want to live while experiencing communion with Korean immigrants. Therefore, I have a plan to set up a stand-alone community village (Micro-village) to live together with retired Koreans who share the same desires. I especially want to reproduce the traditional folk cuisine and theatre culture during the 1950s-60s of Korea. I want to set up a small, self-sufficient rural village and live there, witnessing neighbors helping neighbors.”

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