SMK Group Introduction

SMK Group Business

At SMK Group we are committed to finding innovative ideas.

We see value in new companies and innovative ideas which gives us an incentive to endorse marketing for prospective companies to maximize success in every type of niche market. The SMK Group has incorporated a Vancouver-based research centre in Surrey, BC (SMK Farm & Herbal Research), the Heritage Valley Resort in Sumas National Park (used as the SMK Group’s Training Centre) as well as an IT company in Coquitlam, BC (NBTUS Technology Inc.).

We began our journey by first establishing SMK Investment Inc. in 2002, the SMK Group made a MOU with the Fraser Valley University and has been researching functional agricultural and livestock products such as Sea Buckthorn, Goat Milk Yogurt and Wild Grass Feed. Recently, the SMK Group is researching an environmentally friendly project that cultivates aquatic plants with fishes using microbes in greenhouses.

In 2010, the SMK Group acquired NBTUS Technology Inc., a Vancouver-based IT company. Currently, NBTUS Tech is developing a Korean travel portal website that is dedicated to Korean tourists to popular sites in North America. This project is scheduled to finish by Oct. 2012 and scheduled to complete developing software to facilitate online booking and reservation for hotels and motels during February 2012 and is expected to be a hit once introduced to the Korean hospitality industry. 

SMK Group's Philosophy

The Concept to Reality via Incubation 

There are many people who have a great ideas and concepts but cannot put to the reality due to a lack of capital.
The SMK Group would incubate people with inovative & creative ideas. The founder, KJ Kim has a great empathy on people who have passion on their works. He ran a small started-up company in Silicon Valley with very little capital in his early 20s into success.

The SMK Group will provide the basic overhead costs (for materials, basic facility costs and research expenses) until the commercialization of the project. A new venture company will be established under a 70-30 or a 50-50 share holding between both the SMK Group and a new client. The new entrepreneur will operate the company. However, if the project is unsuccessful, all the losses will be on the SMK Group and a novice entrepreneur is free of risk.