• Representatives from Canadian SMK Group Visited Conseco Seabuckthorn Co., Ltd in Ordos, China.


    Visit to Conseco Seabuckthorn Co., Ltd. in Ordos Talk between Conseco Seabuckthorn Co., Ltd. Canadian SMK Corporation The representatives from Canadian SMK Investment Corporation, accompanied by the relevant responsible persons from ISA Secretariat came to visit Conseco Seabuckthorn Co., Ltd. in Erdos, Inner Mongolia, China on December 8th to 11th 2010. Mr. Gu Yukai, General manager of Conseco Seabuckthorn Co., Ltd. showed them around to seabuckthorn growing bases, nurseries and processing factories. Mr. K. J. Kim, the president of SMK Investment Corporation in Canada showed great interest in the seabuckthorn industries in China.

  • SMK Group “SMK Group will become a company that contributes Korean-Canadian Society”


    SMK Group “SMK Group will become a company that contributes to Korean-Canadian Society”   To infuse vigor into the Korean immigrant market by carrying forward the various farming businesses such as functional biology and goat yogurt production This company has gained considerable attention from farming markets in the Greater Vancouver Area as the company produces functional organisms and showcases the various farming industries such as goat milk, yogurt production which has successfully infused vigor into the downhill trend of the Korean immigration economy. Mr. KJ Kim at the SMK Group introduced this company. “The... (read more)

  • Cheju Olle By 300 Volunteers’ hands


    An Easy Beauty Dukil Lee/Korean News I met Mrs. Myung-Sook Seo in Vancouver, the very person who created the Cheju Olle (Cheju Island dialect translation: “the way home”) trail. I was very interested in seeing her live presentation more than what the contents of lecture entailed as I already had book-knowledge of how the Olle trail was made. Mrs. Seo has a special rapport with Vacouver. 10 years ago, she visited her colleague at Sisa Journal who immigrated to Toronto and her colleague was suddenly hospitalized. She had to transfer her flight at Vancouver International Airport on the way back to Korea. She visited Stanley Park... (read more)